I Created a Logo!

Hey readers!

After some hard work and a lot inspiration I created a logo! I love being by the ocean and anything that deals with the ocean (hence the name of my blog). So I thought that my logo needed to revovle around that theme. I created my logo on Illustrator. Here it is!



Hello world!

cropped-first-photos-13-6651.jpgHi bloggers! I have created oceansoffait to share my graphic design work, as well as my thoughts about nature and creativity.

I am currently a senior in high school and will be attending college in the fall to study either business or education. I enjoy working with my creative side in graphic design and art. I like babysitting and working with kids from my mom’s kindergarten class (she’s a teacher). Traveling has become a recent passion of mine. About once a year I visit the ocean in California or go to a new place. These make my heart content.